Rent a Bus for Labor Transportation in Milwaukee, WI


Your company can join many others who have chosen to rent a bus from us for labor transportation in Milwaukee, WI.

We encourage company managers to adopt our rent a bus system for safe and reliable commuting for employees traveling to and from their work destinations. An increasing number of companies are adopting the rent-a-bus travel model as a solution during labor strikes in leading industries, such as manufacturing, teachers, healthcare, railway, food and beverage, and oil and gas extraction.

Knowledgeable members of our specialized transportation division can help you find the right rent a bus services, such as:

  • Charter bus rental for large groups
  • Migrant transportation
  • Replacement nurses during a strike
  • Mini bus rentals for small groups
  • Finding commuter services that fit your budget
  • Arranging the best possible route to & from destination points

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Charter a Bus During Strikes to Safely Transport Workers


We help Milwaukee industries of all types charter a bus or multiple buses during labor strikes as the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable means of getting employees to and from work destinations.

We have specialized personnel standing by to define the logistics and prepare a working itinerary to meet immediate or unexpected transportation service needs. As a ground bus transportation provider, we can respond quickly to companies who need to charter a bus or multiple buses for last-minute, safe and reliable transport of their workers.

We are a charter bus rental provider with no organized union affiliations that allow companies to charter a bus and driver for safe and unencumbered transportation during a labor strike.

These are a few reasons for industries in Milwaukee to charter a bus for worker strike transportation:

  • Timely on-schedule arrivals & departures
  • Reliable point-to-point service by an experienced driver
  • Affordable corporate rates to charter a bus
  • Immediate or last-minute transport service availability

Call or visit us online to begin a working itinerary for worker strike transportation!

Why Choose Us for Charter Bus Rental in Milwaukee?


Finding ways for employees to get to their work destination during a labor strike can be difficult, but we make it easy!

We offer charter bus rentals to industries in Milwaukee as a safe and affordable transportation solution for connecting commuters to their workplaces. Our professional staff has years of experience preparing working itineraries for group transport at cost-effective prices.

We are a leading charter bus rental company with a sizable bus fleet and experienced drivers dedicated to delivering reliable point-to-point transportation service for workers during labor strikes.

These are a few reasons why you should choose us for charter bus rental service for safe employee transport to their workplace:

  • Accredited A+ BBB rating
  • Cost-effective corporate rates
  • Our experience transporting employees during labor strikes
  • An ability to schedule any number of pickups and drop-offs

Call Safe Travel Charters or visit us online to speak with a knowledgeable agent about booking a charter or multiple buses for worker strike transportation. 414-800-9531

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